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"Jay-bird," Dick calls trying to get Jason's attention. Jason really wants nothing to do with Dick. He is a little angry. In his way of being angry of course which means he is ready to explode.

Dick can tell something is wrong. He can read the family easily. In another life time he will make a good Batman just not in this time line right now.

"Jay--" And he can't finish trying to get Jason's attention. He has it and neatly ducks and blocks several dangerous blows aimed at his face. Jason is pissed. Dick holds him off pretty easily having the experience on the tiny angry bird.

Eventually he gets tired of defending himself and throws Jason into a full Nelson he can't escape.

"Cool your jets. Wanna tell me what's going on," Dick orders as he feels Jason struggling to use the move Bruce taught him to escape. Not gonna happen little brother.

"I know about what I did! Why the hell didn't anyone tell me!?"

Dick feels his gut drop. Fuck. How did he find out? After months they were sure they had the second Robin back. Not that mad dog that ran around blowing things up an accusing Batman of failing him and every other lost kid out there in Gotham.

"I'm sorry B... We discussed it. We thought you might not be Red Hood. Not the one that was here. We decided to keep it from you. You didn't do that stuff, Jason. You're fifteen again. The man who did that was almost my age. So it couldn't have been you." Dick feels his gut clenching again. So much pain had been caused by everything that happened.

"We just wanted you to be okay. I..I'm sorry."

Jason hangs his head. "I won't hit you. Don't know if I can forgive this yet. We can't hide this shit from each other."

Except Jason knows he is a son of a bitch. What he doesn't tell Dick is he thinks he remembers being Red Hood. He remembers holding a gun. Being a little taller and a little angrier. Oh god his head hurts.

"I... think I'm gonna go play poker with Eddie." He leaves Dick there in the cave wandering off.


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